A solar symphony in space

Solsym is a web app for creating and visualizing music in space.

Introducing solsym – a web app that lets you create and visualize music in space! Imagine the planets are instruments in a solar symphony (dwarf planets not included, sorry Pluto). Synthesize unique sounds for each planet, compose songs, and watch colorful rings appear around planets when musical notes are played.

As a free introductory DAW (digital audio workstation), solsym makes it easy for anyone to compose electronic music. Quickly start creating without the expense and steep learning curve of traditional audio applications. The intuitive note canvas lets you experiment with musical ideas, and the unique audiovisual feedback stimulates creativity while composing. It’s an ideal tool for beginners learning basic concepts, or more experienced producers looking for something new.

This project uses the latest WebGL and Web Audio API technology to deliver an immersive audiovisual experience in your web browser. First and foremost it is a music creation tool, including sound synthesis, composition, and audio mixing. The user interface is comparable to an analogue synth with oscillators, filters, LFOs, and ADSR envelopes – particularly well-suited for crafting synthwave tunes. Easily draw and edit notes, build arpeggios, make beats, and discover melodies. Control tempo, volume, and mix tracks together with equalization and compression. And you can even automate all these parameters using envelopes.

3D view of the note canvas.


  • Basic sound synthesis
  • Note canvas (2D and 3D views)
  • Reverb, delay, distortion effects
  • Essential drum machine sounds
  • Volume control, equalization, compression
  • Automation envelopes
  • MIDI file import and export
  • Audio export (WAV and MP3)

At the moment Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are supported on desktop/laptop (Safari, not yet). Due to audio processing and graphics rendering requirements, mobile devices are not yet supported. Higher-spec laptops and desktops with good graphics cards perform best.

Features on the horizon:

  • User accounts
  • More instruments
  • MIDI keyboard support
  • Improved user interface
  • User-directed scenes
  • Updates to the solar system visualization

Check out solsym.com or subscribe to the YouTube channel for more!

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